Pittsburgh, PA

Sandwich Tray

A dozen assorted deli sandwiches served on assorted breads with cheese, lettuce, tomato and choice of side salad. (gluten free bread option available upon request; $1 additional charge per sandwich)

Dozen $100Half Dozen $55
(Select 3) Sandwiches:Smoked Turkey GF Smoked Turkey (1/2 dozen tray-2 sandwiches) +$2GF Smoked Turkey (dozen tray-4 sandwiches) +$4Black Forest Ham GF Black Forest Ham (1/2 dozen tray-2 sandwiches) +$2GF Black Forest Ham (dozen tray-4 sandwiches) +$4Roast Beef GF Roast Beef (1/2 dozen tray-2 sandwiches) +$2GF Roast Beef (dozen tray-4 sandwiches) +$4Tuna Salad GF Tuna Salad (1/2 dozen tray-2 sandwiches) +$2GF Tuna Salad (dozen tray-4 sandwiches) +$4Chicken Salad GF Chicken Salad (1/2 dozen tray-2 sandwiches) +$2GF Chicken Salad (dozen tray-4 sandwiches) +$4Hummus (vegan) GF Hummus (vegan) (1/2 dozen tray-2 sandwiches) +$2GF Hummus (vegan) (dozen tray-4 sandwiches) +$4Sweet Bean Hummus (vegetarian) GF Sweet Bean Hummus (vegetarian) (1/2 dozen tray-2 sandwiches) +$2GF Sweet Bean Hummus (vegetarian) (dozen tray-4 sandwiches) +$4Fresh Mozzarella (vegetarian) GF Fresh Mozzarella (vegetarian) (1/2 dozen tray-2 sandwiches) +$2GF Fresh Mozzarella (vegetarian) (dozen tray-4 sandwiches) +$4
(Select 1) Salad:Garden Salad Spring Green Salad Caesar Salad Classic House Made Pasta Salad Classic House Made Potato Salad
(Select) Additional Sandwiches - $8:Smoked Turkey +$8GF Smoked Turkey +$9Black Forest Ham +$8GF Black Forest Ham +$9Roast Beef +$8GR Roast Beef +$9Tuna Salad +$8GF Tuna Salad +$9Chicken Salad +$8GF Chicken Salad +$9Hummus (vegan) +$8GF Hummus (vegan) +$9Sweet Bean Hummus (vegetarian) +$8GF Sweet Bean Hummus (vegetarian) +$9Fresh Mozzarella (vegetarian) +$8GF Fresh Mozzarella (vegetarian) +$9