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Sweet Bean Hummus Sandwich Deluxe Boxed Lunch (Vegetarian)


House made sweet bean hummus spread on heartland grain bread topped with carrots, onions, cranberries, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and balsamic glaze. Each box includes chips, a house made chocolate chip cookie, and fruit cup. Add bottled water or canned soda for $1. Gluten-free bun or wrap option available upon request for $2.25. (Vegetarian)

Add Bottled Water:Bottled Water +$1
Add Canned Soda:Diet Soda +$1Regular Soda +$1
Substitute Gluten-Free Bun:Gluten-Free Bun +$2.25
Substitute Gluten-Free Wrap:Substitute Gluten-Free Wrap +$2.25