Pittsburgh, PA

Wrap Tray TE

Choose up to three wrap varieties per tray. Choices include both meat and vegetarian selections. Additional wraps may be added to each tray for $9 each. Each wrap is sliced in half and the halves are wrapped individually on the tray.

Half Dozen $70Dozen $130
Wrap Tray Selections:Grilled Chicken Wrap BLTTA Wrap Roasted Veggie Wrap (Vegetarian) Hummus Wrap (Vegetarian) Fresh Mozz Wrap (Vegetarian)
Wrap Tray Selections Additional:Grilled Chicken Wrap +$9BLTTA Wrap +$9Roasted Veggie Wrap (Vegetarian) +$9Hummus Wrap (Vegetarian) +$9Fresh Mozz Wrap (Vegetarian) +$9
Salad for Tray:Spring Greens Side Salad Garden Side Salad
Dressing Selection:Balsamic Vinaigrette (GF)(VG) Ranch (GF) Honey Mustard Toasted Sesame Oil & Vinegar